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Below are some helpful tips for installing your mulch after purchase.  Call us if you have any questions.


1.  Make a clear plan defining each of the areas that will be covered with landscape material.


2.  Clear all debris, large rocks, weeds and other obstructions from the work area.


3.  Complete all excavation work if needed, then level and finish grade. Give special attention to areas close to your foundation using adequate slope and other methods to control drainage.


4.  Measure the area. Using the methods in our Coverage Chart page, calculate the total square footage for each area to be covered.  Order your mulch and have it delivered right to your home.


5.  Use our Mulch Coverage Chart to estimate the amount of material required.


6.  Install edging at the perimeter and between different materials. Countersink edging into the ground far enough so that the top of the edging will match the grade of the new material.  Overlap each piece of edging a few inches and use a edging pin over both pieces together. Heavy gauge edging works well for long straight or gently curving perimeter while medium gauge works better for tight bends and curves.


7. Install Fabric. Use a quality fabric that is designed to keep sunlight out while allowing for passage of water. Cover all areas completely, if light gets in weeds will grow. Order 5% to 10 % extra, as you will need to overlap your seams by about 5" and your perimeter by about 3". Use fabric pins to keep the fabric in place during installation. Order about 10 pins for each 100 sq ft of fabric.


8.  Install your material. Start applying the material closest to your entry point so that you won't have to walk or run your wheel barrow over the uncovered fabric. After all of the material has been installed, trim or fold under any excess fabric from the perimeter.


9.  After installation, a quick spray of water with your garden hose will take care of any quarry dust or fines that may have accumulated on rock.


Author: John Williams