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Colored Mulch Outlet

Colored Mulch Outlet






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Perhaps you are relaxing outside, enjoying a cool, refreshing beverage.  If you’re like me, you may be scanning the landscape, thinking that it’s in desperate need of a makeover. Again, if you’re like me, you may be thinking that such a project simply isn’t in the budget at the moment.


Fortunately, Atlanta’s Colored Mulch Outlet offers an affordable alternative, while still providing dramatic results.  Adding fresh, colored mulch to your gardens, surrounding areas of trees and shrubs, and even your children’s play area results in an immediate transformation at a minimal cost.


Colored mulch gives your landscaping an immaculate and manicured appearance, and further serves to deter weed growth, retain the moisture and temperature regulation of your soil, and limit erosion.  Aside from the aforementioned benefits of incorporating colored mulch into your outdoor design, you can take solace knowing that the entire process is environmentally friendly.



Black Mulch for sale in Atlanta

For that beautiful contrast with plants and brick, black mulch can really make other colors pop!  Black mulch is particularly beneficial when trying to prevent weeds, retain water in your garden, and warm the soil for heat-loving crops such as peppers, tomatoes and melons. Because it’s inorganic, it doesn’t break down as quickly as organic mulch, so it doesn’t need to be replaced as often. A perfect solution for Atlanta Residents.  Usually used in the form of plastic sheeting, black mulch can be found in a solid, impenetrable form or a porous variety.

Chocolate Brown Mulch in Atlanta

Our Most popular Mulch in Atlanta.  Brown Mulch features shredded pine to beautify your landscape areas. The 100% wood composition helps conserve soil moisture and moderate temperature, and the mulch blocks growth and light access to help discourage weeds when applied at a depth of 3 in. or greater. Color Advantage helps maintain color for up to 12 months.



Author: John Williams