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What Types of Mulch Can You Use in Your Landscape?


When it comes to purchasing mulch in Georgia, you have many options.  Mulch is used as a soil covering, for an assortment of reasons. It can be used to beautify your landscape and it's perfect for trees, flower beds, plant beds and vegetable gardening.


It also offers several benefits; for example, it's considered a great way to help prevent the growth of weeds. Plus, it absorbs moisture so you don't have to water your garden plants as frequently.

Here are a three common uses of mulch:


• Create pathways

• Controls soil erosion

• Protects roots from harsh temperatures


Types of Mulch





Compost Mulch has a very similar appearance and texture to soil. The only difference is that it’s a lot darker. This type of mulch can really enhance a yard and it makes plants stand out. This is a good mulch to use because it breaks down very fast.


River Rock or Gravel


River Rock and Gravel is an inorganic material that doesn’t break down in your landscape. Best of all, it doesn’t need to be reapplied every year.


Grass Clippings


Grass clippings are an inexpensive type of mulch to use in your landscape. However, if your lawn is treated with chemicals, it can actually do harm to your plants.


It’s suggested that you allow your grass to dry and to spread out in thin layers. Otherwise, it will begin to let off an unpleasant aroma and rot as it begins to decompose.



Fallen Leaves


Some people like to use shredded leaves during the winter months to cover up soil. Make sure you completely shred them because it could cause them to become matted.




Straw has a golden color that can really enhance the appearance of a garden. With straw, you have to make certain that there are no weeds in the area because it can actually trigger more weed growth.


In addition to the types of mulch above, here are a few more types of mulch: Manure, Newspaper, Leaves, Black Plastic, Wood Chips, Sawdust, Shredded Bark, Cocoa Hull Mulch, Pumice Rock Mulch and Landscape Fabric.



Author: John Williams