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Below are some helpful tips for installing your mulch after purchase.  Call us if you have any questions.

3 Easy Steps to Laying Down Mulch


Many homeowners choose to hire a professional landscaper to lay down mulch. In reality, you can actually do it yourself.  If it’s done the right way, it can greatly enhance the overall beauty of your landscape.


Often times, many people forego laying down mulch on their own because they assume it’s a complicated task. Laying down mulch is not as complicated as it may seem – it’s fairly easy.


In this article, we’re going to share three easy steps to laying down mulch in your yard.  For this project, you will need the following items: mulch, a rake and newspaper.


Getting Started


Step #1: Prepare Your Ground


Determine where you want to lay your mulch. Then remove any kind of weeds in the area. This will help in preventing the weeds from sprouting up through the mulch. There is nothing more unsightly than having weeds popping up through mulch.


Quick Tip: Lay down Fabric before laying out your mulch to help prevent weeds from growing. This will also help your soil to retain water and keep it moist.


Step #2: Figure Out How Much Mulch You Need


Figuring out how much mulch you need is quite easy. Simply measure the size of the mulch bed you want and take an account for the height. A layer of mulch should be no more than 3 inches thick.  You can always order your mulch and have it delivered right to your home or work.


Step #3 Lay Down the Mulch


Now is the fun part. One of the easiest ways to lay down mulch is to use a rake. This will help you spread out the mulch evenly.


Quick Tip: If you have flowers or plants where you desire to lay the mulch, make sure you leave about 2 inches worth of space between each plant. This will help prevent the stems from rotting.


There you have it – three easy steps to laying down mulch!